Thank you for taking the time to check out the patent pending StyleBudz necklace.

We hold a pending utility patent that combines ear protection with everyday wear. Our patent incorporates multiple designs and is compatible with standard, DB/hifi and stereo earplugs. We want to licence StyleBud for distribution.

StyleBudz can be manufactured from a variety of materials -including gold, silver, bronze, aluminium, gun metal, powter, wood, stone, or quality plastic.

This is a brand new product and you can be among the first to feature it. StyleBudz are easily modified to incorporate your logo or any design and can be engraved, or imprinted. It is a blank template to show off your company brand or individual style.

Please contact us to discuss a partnership, whether you are a talented artist with a desire to create a one of a kind product to a huge open market, or a retailer who sees the potential.